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Lauren Buchter

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Play Add Download Swinging Dancehall Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing00:52JazzBright, Building, Celebratory, Cheerful, Comedic, Confident, Driving, Dynamic, End Crescendo, Energetic, Fanfare, Fun, Joyful, Kitsch, Marching, Optimistic, Party, Playful, Positive, Quirky, Upbeat, Vintage
Play Add Download Unrestrained Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing00:48OrchestralChoppy, Curious, Distorted, Dreamy, Ethereal, Gentle, Light, Peaceful, Pulsing, Sci-Fi, Smooth, Wonder
Play Add Download Some Monsters Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing00:46OrchestralContemplative, Dreamy, Elegant, Intimate, Introspective, Mysterious, Serious, Simple, Soft, Somber, Spare, Suspense, Thoughtful
Play Add Download I Used To Chase The Monsters Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:52PianoContemplative, Curious, Gentle, Hopeful, Intimate, Introspective, Love, Mysterious, Romantic, Simple, Soft, Spare, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Mountain Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:31OrchestralCurious, Dramatic, Emotional, Hopeful, Intimate, Moody, Mysterious, Simple, Spare, Thoughtful
Play Add Download The Separation Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:18OrchestralContemplative, Curious, Eerie, Emotional, Introspective, Love, Mysterious, Sad, Serious, Somber, Spare, Suspense, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Glimpses of You Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing02:03OrchestralContemplative, Emotional, Gentle, Hopeful, Optimistic, Peaceful, Positive, Simple, Spare, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Fei Theme Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:56OrchestralCurious, Dark, Dramatic, Dreamy, Eerie, Introspective, Mysterious, Serious, Somber, Sophisticated, Suspense, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Begin Again Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:22OrchestralAnxious, Contemplative, Dramatic, Emotional, Inspiring, Moody, Mysterious, Powerful, Serious, Simple, Somber, Spare, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Home Life Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:38OrchestralBeauty, Curious, Dreamy, Elegant, Emotional, Hopeful, Introspective, Mysterious, Serious, Somber
Play Add Download 11 Years Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing00:52OrchestralBallroom, Contemplative, Curious, Dreamy, Gentle, Light, Melancholic, Moody, Mysterious, Sad, Soft, Somber, Spare
Play Add Download Beckett Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing03:09OrchestralContemplative, Curious, Distorted, Dreamy, Ethereal, Glitchy, Intimate, Love, Moody, Mysterious, Sad, Spare, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Release Me From This Cage Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing03:23OrchestralCurious, Dramatic, Eerie, Ethereal, Intense, Moody, Sci-Fi, Somber, Steady, Suspense, Tense, Weird, Wonder
Play Add Download Every Street Whispered Your Name Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:34OrchestralBeauty, Contemplative, Dreamy, Elegant, Introspective, Light, Love, Peaceful, Romantic, Smooth, Soft, Spare, Steady, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Goodbye Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:50OrchestralBeauty, Dreamy, Elegant, Gentle, Hopeful, Intimate, Introspective, Peaceful, Simple, Sophisticated, Spare, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Serenata Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing02:29PianoContemplative, Dreamy, Gentle, Love, Melancholic, Romantic, Sad, Somber, Spare
Play Add Download Daydreaming Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:00OrchestralBuilding, Contemplative, Curious, Hopeful, Intimate, Introspective, Mysterious, Optimistic, Positive, Spare, Weird
Play Add Download Returning Home Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:07OrchestralContemplative, Gentle, Hopeful, Intimate, Introspective, Serious, Soft, Somber, Spare, Thoughtful
Play Add Download The Lightness Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:33OrchestralChill, Choppy, Curious, Digital, Ethereal, Futuristic, Glitchy, Optimistic, Peaceful, Positive, Sci-Fi, Wonder
Play Add Download Curiosity Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:11OrchestralBright, Cheerful, Dreamy, Elegant, Gentle, Happy, Hopeful, Joyful, Light, Optimistic, Peaceful, Playful, Positive, Simple, Thoughtful, Uplifting, Wonder
Play Add Download ABSENTIALauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing06:50OrchestralContemplative, Curious, Dramatic, Dreamy, Gentle, Intimate, Introspective, Love, Melancholic, Mysterious, Serious, Simple, Solo, Somber, Spare, Suspense
Play Add Download Reciting Lamentations Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing03:27OrchestralAnxious, Contemplative, Dramatic, Elegant, Emotional, Hopeful, Mysterious, Optimistic, Positive, Soaring, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Boxes Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing00:58OrchestralContemplative, Curious, Dark, Dreamy, Emotional, Intense, Intimate, Mysterious, Scary, Simple, Somber, Spare, Tense
Play Add Download Silhouettes Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:06PianoCurious, Dreamy, Elegant, Gentle, Hopeful, Light, Peaceful, Simple, Somber, Sophisticated, Spare, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Long Journey Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:17OrchestralContemplative, Dark, Dreamy, Elegant, Emotional, Hopeful, Introspective, Mysterious, Romantic, Serious, Somber, Sophisticated, Tense, Thoughtful
Play Add Download Creepy Country Lauren BuchterRobot Repair Licensing01:37OrchestralAnxious, Dark, Distorted, Dramatic, Dreamy, Dynamic, Eerie, Heavy, Intense, Moody, Mysterious, Pulsing, Scary, Sci-Fi, Serious, Somber, Suspense, Tense
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December 5, 2018
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